Q: Why should I buy MAG 1 Lubricants?

A: MAG 1 works very hard to provide very high quality, technologically advanced lubricants that are specifically formulated with balanced chemistry. With our forward-looking FMX wear reduction additive system specific technology we have forward-looking products designed to enhance oxidation resistance with exceptional deposit and wear control, outstanding ability to reduce friction, and in the end, prolonged engine life.

Q: Who makes MAG 1 Lubricants and why haven't I heard of them before?

A: Warren Distribution (since 1922) is based in Omaha, Nebraska and has been marketing MAG 1 Lubricants since 1988. As a large, privately owned independent oil company, Warren blends and packages private-label oils for major brands in the market, including retailers, the Department of the Defense, and had not promoted MAG 1 as our primary business historically.

Q: Is the quality of MAG 1 oils as good as the major brands?

A: Yes, MAG 1 meets or exceeds the specifications set be the API. It has been formulated to give the very best engine protection vs. standard GF-5 oils. When you use MAG 1 you can take comfort in knowing that you are using a product that is every bit as good or better than the best-known names in lubrication.

Q: Does MAG 1 use the same base stocks as the Majors?

A: Warren purchases the highest-quality severely hydrotreated base stocks available from the world's major refiners and combines them with the most technologically advanced additive systems, resulting in finished lubricants that meet or exceed OEM requirements. MAG 1 engine oils are fully licensed and approved by the American Petroleum Institute.

Q: Does using MAG 1 keep my new car warranty in effect?

A: Yes, A new car warranty will require you to use the specific viscosity motor oil that the OEM requires. The OEM will require that you use an API certified oil, and that you use the right viscosity. MAG 1 will meet or exceed these requirements as long as you put in the correct viscosity that is in your users manual.

Q: Why do MAG 1 oils contain zinc?

A: Our government has not mandated removal of Zinc from our oils; instead they have mandated limiting the phosphorous content because phosphorous in the past has tended to escape from the oil over time and degrade emissions systems components (Catalytic Converters). Zinc and Phosphorous typically are formulated into a motor oil together as a compound called ZDP (also known as ZDDP).

Mag 1's new technology products with FMX contain a version of High Phos retention ZDP (HPR ZDP) that keeps the phosphorous and zinc in the oil for much longer periods of time throughout the drain interval. While an important benefit in newer cars will be emissions systems protection, new and old cars alike will benefit in terms of camshaft wear performance durability. This means the oil will maintain its zinc and phosphorous much longer than before, and thus provide extended wear performance vs. previous API specification lubricants- all while maintaining current API specifications and licensing. We will be treating all of our Mag 1 oils over and above the levels required by the API and are taking the formulations to the maximum levels of Zinc and Phosphorous allowed by law. Our new FMX Synthetics will be taking this several steps further by using additional technology to reduce Camshaft wear by up to 56% vs. standard API GF-5 oils, using industry standard test.

In actuality, we have changed the formulation in use on our current Mag 1 oils but simply not changed the labeling yet. If you need to change your oil, we recommend using our current spec Mag 1 motor oils instead of oil additives, even our own.