Gear Oils

85W-140 Gear Oil
API GL-5 and MT-1, MACK GO-J, SAE J2360, Limited Slip

85W-140 Gear Oil

MAG 1 High Performance Gear Oils are specially formulated with only the finest quality, hydrotreated, high viscosity index, paraffinic base oils and the most advanced and rigorously-tested additive system to deliver unsurpassed protection and performance.

Benefits of MAG 1 85W-140 Gear Oil include:

  • Exceptional protection against spalling and other wear, especially under extreme heat, pressure and torque operation, ensures long equipment life
  • Maintains viscosity, even under extreme operating temperatures, resulting in longer fluid life and reduced
    operating costs
  • Extra resistance to thermal degradation provides superior protection against oxidation and deposit formation and significantly prolongs seal life


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Inspection Data Typical Physical Properties of
MAG 1 85W-140 Gear Oil
Specific Gravity @ 60°F (15.6°C) ASTM D4052 0.9002
Viscosity @ 40°C cSt ASTM D445 347.7
Viscosity @ 100°C cSt ASTM D445 26.39
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 100
Color ASTM D1500 8
Pour Point °C (°F) ASTM D5950 -18°C (0°F)
Gravity, °API ASTM D287 25.69
Brookfield Viscosity at -12°C, cP ASTM D2983 55,000

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