Super Lithium EP Moly Grease
NLGI Grade 2

Super Lithium EP Moly Grease

Suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, Mag 1 Super Lithium EP Moly Grease has been fortified with MOLYBDENUM DISULFIDE and GRAPHITE to provide protection against seizure under high loads and severe shock load conditions.

Benefits of Mag 1 Super Lithium EP Moly Grease include:

  • Fortified with Molybdenum Disulfide
  • Extra protection against scuffing & scoring
  • Outstanding performance under severe operating conditions
  • Maximum protection against seizure


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Inspection Data Typical Physical Properties of
MAG 1 Super Lithium EP Moly Grease
Color   Moly-Gray
Worked Penetration @ 77°F, 60 strokes, ASTM D-217   265-295
Dropping Point, °C (°F), Min.   177 (350)
Water Washout   10
Rust Prevention   Pass
Oxidation Stability, PSI Drop   5
Oil Separation, % Loss Max.   10
Four Ball Wear, mm Scar Dia   0.60
Four Ball EP Weld Point, Min   250
Four Ball Load Wear Index, Kgf   40
Timken OK Load, LB   45min
Viscosity @ 100° C, cSt   10.5-12.5
Viscosity @ 40° C, cSt   140-160
Viscosity @ 210° C, SUS   60-66
Viscosity @ 100° C, SUS   720-800
Viscosity Index   50
Pour Point, °C (°F), ASTM D-97   -17 (0)

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