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Synthetic Blend 4T 10W-40 Four Stroke ATV

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MAG 1 Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40 4T High Performance Oil is specially formulated to
maximize power in today's advanced four-stroke engines used in recreational power sports and racing competition. Meets JASO-MA for wet clutch protection and smooth positive shifting. Designed for maximum protection at high RPMs where shock loads are high, virtually eliminating wear and scuffing on vital engine components. Provides anti-rust protection and performance exceeding the NMMA four-stroke watercraft engine oil industry specifications, as well as excellent cold flow properties for use in extreme conditions.

MAG 1 Synthetic Blend SAE 10W-40 4T High Performance Oil exceeds U.S. and import
requirements for all four stroke gasoline engines currently in use where a SAE 10W-40 that meets API SL, JASO MA, JASO MA-2, ISO-L-EMA2 is specified. Provides
excellent protection in all conditions even under the most grueling racing conditions.

MAG 1 TC-W3® TWO CYCLE OIL is a premium, high quality motor oil specifically designed for use in motorcycles, outboard motors, snowmobiles, chain saws, garden equipment and other fuel lubricated or fuel injected two cycle engines.

6/1-Qt (946ml)

Inspection Data Typical Physical Properties of
MAG 1 Synthetic Blend 4T 10W-40 Four Stroke ATV
Gravity, °API ASTM D287 31.22
Specific Gravity @ 60°F (15.6°C) ASTM D4052 0.8696
Viscosity @ 40°C cSt ASTM D445 93.95
Viscosity @ 100°C cSt ASTM D445 13.95
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 152
Color ASTM D1500 2.5
Nitrogen, wt. % ASTM D4629 0.0079
Cold Cranking Simulator at (°C), cP ASTM D5293 6010 (-25)
High Temperature / High Shear Vis at 150°C, cP ASTM D5481 3.91
Zinc, wt. % ASTM D5185 0.132
Phosphorus, wt. % ASTM D5185 0.121
Calcium, wt. % ASTM D5185 0.207
Molybdenum, wt. % ASTM D5185 0.0044
Pumping Viscosity at (°C), cP ASTM D4684 24,000 (-30)
Pack Configuration
  #Eaches Weight Length Height Width
Each   2.086 4.375 9.000 2.375
Case 6 12.516 9.500 9.625 7.625
Pallet 828 1727.274 48.000 62.750 40.000
UPC Information
Each UPC 0 71621-62971 0
Case UPC 0 71621-62972 7
SCCC 1 00 71621-62971 7

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Fluid Type Stock #/
Order #
Each UPC Case UPC Case Dimensions Case Cube/
Pallet Cube
Case Weight/
Pallet Weight
Pallet Stack
Synthetic Blend 4T 10W-40 Four Stroke ATV6/1-Qt (946ml) MG4T14PL / 0 71621-62971 0 0 71621-62972 7 L 9.500 x W 12.516 X H 9.625 Case Cube / Pallet Cube 12.516 / 1727.274 Pallet Stack
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