Test Results

A Few Definitions....

Anti-Wear AdditivesAdditives or their reaction products, that form thin, tenacious films on highly loaded parts to prevent metal-to-metal contact and wear.
FMXStands for "Friction Modified for Extended Wear Protection"; FMX is an anti-wear additive developed in collaboration with our additive supplier vendor partner which dramatically reduces engine wear when compared to standard motor oils meeting the performance requirements of API ILSAC GF-5/SN.
HPRStands for "High Phosphate Retention"; phosphate is used as a critical anti-wear component of motor oils. However, due to it's volatility during the combustion process it "burns off" quickly from most motor oils. MAG 1 motor oils fortified with HPR ZDP dramatically increases the stability of phosphates in motor oil, and therefore, reduces engine wear. Recent test results indicate a 56% reduction in valve train wear as compared to conventional motor oils.
ZDPStands for Zinc Dialkyl Dithio Phosphate (sometimes also referred to as ZDDP & ZDTP)
umThe "um" referred to in the graph below is the abbreviation for microns which is 1-millionth of a meter or 1 x 10-6 meter. Another name for micron is micrometer.

The below graph is proven by industry standard ASTM Sequence IV-A test results.

Camshaft Wear Graph

The below matrix is proven by industry standard ASTM Sequence IV-A test results.

Test Graph