Hello! My name is Christopher Buskirk, driver of the 'Limited Late Model' Buskirk Racing car number 33, and I would like to thank Dooley Oil and MAG 1 for sponsoring my car during the 2012 racing season.

Buskirk Racind used MAG 1 20W-50 Racing oil exclusively during the 2012 season. During the past three years, the team has tried several different brands of oil without finding one that worked as consistently as your oil does!

Our home track in Highway 92 Raceway Park, the only ¼ mile asphalt track in the state of Nebraska. The track is small, but my car is pushing 6900 RPM at the end of the straightaway. The team changed the oil in the car every other week. The oil we drained out did not look used at all. Even on those unfortunate nights that happen in racing, when my car had over-hearting problems and the engine temp got over 300 degrees F, three times all together, MAG 1 20W-50 Racing Oil protected my engine. The oil did not look thin or feel gritty. It looked fresh from the bottle.

The team also used MAG 1 20W-50 Racing Oil in our second car, driven by my sister, Kacy. Kacy drives car number 82 in the 'Sportsman' Class. She did not have one oil related problem all year. No matter how hard my sister and I pushed our cars, we had confidence in our oil.

So thank-you for your sponsorship and the great oil, from all of us here at Burkirk Racing.


One of our trucking customers was a little leery about switching over from the Texaco Ursa oils to MAG 1 CJ-4 15/40. After we explained the quality of the oil, he made the switch. After several oil changes he said he didn't have any problems and that his vehicles ran just as good as they did on the Texaco.

He just told us [due to time constraints] he took one truck to a local lube center where they used Shell Rotella T 15/40. Shortly thereafter he noticed that it started using oil which it had never done before.

So any questions he had about the quality of the MAG 1 oil have now been answered:

Angel M. Cole
General Manager
Circle Oil Company

Hi Guys, Last fall I wrote you about using your 2 Cycle Marine Oil in my 50cc scooter. I have to tell you how pleased I am with your products. After over 3000 miles I pulled the spark plug and was amazed how clean and free of oil fouling it was. Smoking is minimal and it seems to idle better. Performance is consistent so I don't think there is any port plugging at this time. Keep up the good work!



Retired Mechanic


I first heard about MAG 1 oil products from Rich at Circle Oil in Mishawaka, IN. I ran the oil in my trucks, my personal vehicles and my race cars. I was always impressed with the performance and quality of the products. I currently own a Peterbilt with a Caterpillar engine that has well over a million miles and is still running strong. In my drift (race) car, I've been running your oils for 2 seasons (with the exception of the end of last year) in the same engine with no problems or wear issues.