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MAG 1® All-Year AW Hydraulic Oil

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil Industrial Lubricants and Gear Oils

Superior Protection

MAG 1® hydraulic oils are designed to help improve uptime, reduce costs and increase productivity. Our hydraulic oils offer energy-efficient benefits and improved performance across a wide range of temperatures. They specifically designed to meet the demands of high-pressure, industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems.

Powerful Anti-Friction, Anti-Wear Chemistry

MAG 1® provides outstanding control of friction and wear. Advanced molecules bond together to create a wear-resistant shield that works to build barriers that reduce friction and wear.

Withstands the Most Extreme Conditions

MAG 1® All-Year AW Hydraulic Oils provide unsurpassed protection even in the harshest conditions to fight oxidation, separate air and water and improve filtration.

Evolutionary Performance™

OEMs continue to evolve hydraulic equipment and pump designs. Pumps get smaller and power output increase and the lubricants performance demands rise. Escalating power density leads to higher operating temperatures and pressures. One brand has evolved right alongside today’s equipment – MAG 1®. Only the most advanced industrial lubricants meet the difficult challenges of effectively balancing performance, strength and durability.

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils featuring FMX® Technology and Evolutionary Performance™

The latest MAG 1® Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oils are specially engineered and formulated to provide:


  • Extra protection for equipment life and reliability.
  • Excellent varnish control and cleanliness.


  • Outstanding wear and corrosion protection.


  • Formulated to provide 5,000 hours of oxidation stability.
  • Optimized maintenance cost and uptime.

Typical Properties

Color ASTM D1500 0.5
Gravity, °API ASTM D287 33.09
Oxidation Hours ASTM D943 5000
Phosphorus, wt. % ASTM D5185 0.034
Pour Point °C (°F) ASTM D5950 -42°C (-44°F)
Specific Gravity @ 60°F (15.6°C) ASTM D4052 0.8597
Sulfur, wt. % ASTM D4951 0.071
Viscosity @ 100°C cSt ASTM D445 7.89
Viscosity @ 40°C cSt ASTM D445 44.86
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 148
Zinc, wt. % ASTM D5185 0.043

Container/Bulk Availability

2/2.5 Gallon Product Number - 00292
55 Gallon Drum Product Number - 62860
5 Gallon Pail Product Number - 00295
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