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Automatic Transmission Fluids

One of the more confusing product lines is passenger car and light duty truck transmission fluid. The complexity of automatic transmissions is increasing at a rapid rate. Ten years ago, four and five speed automatic transmissions dominated the market. Now eight, nine and even ten speed step transmissions are common along with CVT (Continuously Variable) and DCT (Dual Clutch) transmissions. This new complexity is driven by manufacturers trying to maximize fuel efficiency. Transmission design can help increase efficiency by constantly keeping the engine running in the sweet spot where the most power is developed. The result is better fuel economy, and also better performance!


While MAG 1 has a complete line of ATF products, including specialty fluids for CVT and DCT, let’s look at the popularity of Multi-Vehicle transmission fluids and discuss their benefits and limitations. The purpose of Multi-Vehicle ATF is to use a single fluid for multiple vehicle brands and specifications. However, while Multi-Vehicle ATF fits many vehicles, there is no one size fits all solution. In fact, Multi-Vehicle fluids have now become more complicated with the introduction of Low-Viscosity fluids which are designed to flow at lower temperatures and reduce the mechanical drag associated with heavier viscosities.


MAG 1 works closely with our additive supplier who completes a combination of bench testing and field trials to determine what specifications we are able to claim. The most popular specifications are placed on our labels, but the complete listing is found on the MAG 1 product pages and Product Data Sheet (PDS).

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