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MAG 1® Premium 15W-40 Now on Approval Lists of Cummins and Detroit Diesel

MAG 1 Premium Conventional 15W-40 now has 2 more OEM certifications. The Cummins CES 20086 and Detroit Diesel 93K222 specifications have been added to the list of approvals.


In order to receive a certification for an OEM specification, we submit fluid samples to be independently tested by a 3rd party laboratory.   This ensures all requirements for each new spec that we are testing against are met. Because our MAG 1 fluids are built with industry leading additive packages, there was no need to change our current formulation and we passed all of the necessary tests without any issue.


So why did we decide to certify MAG 1 Premium Conventional 15W-40 against the Cummins and Detroit Diesel specifications? Over the years, many Government or Municipal bids have begun to require fluids meet very specific OEM approvals in order to be considered for their fleets.  It was important for us, as part of our quality policy, to make sure that we are providing a product that meet our customer’s specifications and expectations and to look to continually improve our products. Taking the time to submit MAG 1 Premium Conventional 15W-40 for these certifications was a great value-add for our customers and for the MAG 1 brand.


MAG 1 Premium Conventional 15W-40 is Certified and Approved for use where the below applications are required:



Cummins CES 20086

Detroit Diesel 93K222

Mack EOS-4.5

Volvo VDS-4.5

Renault VI RLD-4


For all other applications where MAG 1® Premium Conventional 15W-40 CK-4 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil should be used, please refer to our product page.