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MAG 1® Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid

For many years, vehicles fell into two primary transmission categories: Automatic or Manual. More recently there is another option which is gaining market share known as DCT or Dual Clutch Transmission. DCTs benefit from the cost efficiency of a manual transmission, while allowing virtually no interruption of power delivery found in an automatic transmission.

In manual transmissions the driver depresses a clutch pedal to disconnect power from the engine in order to change gears. During this time, there is no power transfer to the wheels which results in a decrease in efficiency and overall performance. The DCT concept greatly reduces the lag time between gears by using two clutches and no clutch pedal. The two clutches operate independently: one clutch operates the odd number gears (first, third fifth) the other clutch operates the even number gears (second, forth, sixth). Both sets of gears are rotating during operation, and the transmission can move from 1st gear to 2nd gear in milliseconds which reduces power lag.

MAG 1 DCT fluid is now packaged in 6/1 quarts, and technical information can be found in Passenger Car Transmission Products  by clicking here.

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DCT Demand Chart


 *Volume graph provided by Afton Chemical