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General News from MAG 1

New MAG 1® Website Improves User Experience, along with Brand and Product Differentiation.

What’s New?

Our new website you’re using now was changed and improved to better explain why MAG 1® stands out from the competition and to provide enhanced information about the brand and its products. It also provides our new Lube Advisor that can be used to find lubricants and automotive chemicals for your specific vehicle by year, make and model.

The website design and content was created after extensive research and discussion with our customers and other users. Best practices in today’s website design were used to make it easy for users to find content about product features and benefits.

In addition, an Education section was developed that shares information ranging from the fundamentals of motor oil to some of the most important trends in lubricants. New content will be frequently added.

New MAG 1 Branding

New MAG 1 branding and messaging about products are throughout the site, including our new tagline, Evolutionary Performance™. We’ve shared insights about how new OEM engine designs have evolved dramatically – demanding more power and thinner, lighter oils for increased fuel economy. MAG 1 lubricants have evolved right alongside. Our lubricants feature FMX® Technology System – Friction Management for Xtreme protection™ that provides outstanding performance, strength and durability, even in the most extreme conditions.

We appreciate your interest in the MAG 1 brand and products.  Your feedback is welcomed.